Skills Include

Automotive Sculpting

Clay Modeling

Watercolor Painting

Acrylic & Oil Painting

Digital Design & Concepts

Lead & Ink Drawing

About Dan

Born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1972,  I grew up working in my family's fiberglass business. Basic mold design and fabrication became second nature to me, and fine art was deeply rooted in my ancestry, as my Grandmother was a near famous portrait artist, and great-grandfather a popular and highly respected taxidermist. I did not realize my skill level until college, as the small school system I attended lacked any kind of art program.

My work is generally diverse in subject and medium, though watercolor is my concentration.  As you look over my pieces you will begin to see a lot of symbolism.  I am a huge fan of icons of religion, and hidden elements in art that express opinion, belief, or personal feeling.  I never felt at any time I need to focus in one particular style or direction,  though  I would have to say I use multiple religious iconography to farther acceptance and understanding.  Circuitry and wires are present in much of my work as they symbolize the obvious contemporary time we live in.  In anything I do, a very clear common element is a passion for detail.

On this topic of symbolism, my own initials are organised to resemble a scene.  It was from my childhood home of the moon over the Huron Mountains on Lake Superior and or Keweenaw Bay.

I was often jealous of other artists because I haven't honed down a strong single style.  On the flip side of that is, it's one thing that makes me unique and I have learned over the years to embrace it.   I wish to evoke emotion, laugh, cry, or provoke thought to as many viewers as I can, and conforming to a single style seems hindering.  It's also a personal challenge.  I really push myself to understand the artists before and around me and you can see the inspiration come out in many pieces. 

I currently work in automotive sculpting or clay modeling, and have been for nearly the past two decades. I am a single father of two wonderful daughters, having raised them since kindergarten. 

Some years ago I lost a great deal of work in a flood.  Please excuse some of the quality and definition of a few of the photos is poor, as it may no longer exist.   Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to email any questions.